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One Celebratory Bullet , One Tragic Mess

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 22 April 2013)
When a bad day gets even worse.

Elementary school teacher Erkan Karamese (35)
participated in a going-away party for  a friend
entering military service yesterday in Sindirgi
district of Balikesir province. During the party,
a relative of Karamese, Expert Sergeant A.K.(24),
who came to the party on leave from his unit in
Tekirdag, took out his gun and fired into the air in

One of the bullets, however, ricocheted and hit
Karamese in the chest, seriously wounding him.
He was taken by ambulance to Bigadic State Hospital.
After initial treatment there, the decision was made to
take Karamese to a better-equipped hospital so
an ambulance driven by Emergency Health Technician
Tugba Ozlen set out to take  Karamese to Balikesir.

En route, however, the ambulance had an accident
with a truck on the bridge of the Simav stream at
the Bigadic Cevizli marker. Karamese died in the
accident and driver Ozlen, Dr. Irfan Gurutku,
nurses Kubra Ayvaz, Ayse Ozturk and Karamese's
wife Zuhal Karamese were all injured, as was the
driver of the truck, Enes Deniz. All were taken to
a hospital and Ozlen's condition is serious.

Sindirgi is Balikesir's southernmost district.

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