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Bathroom Break Dooms Train

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 8 April 2013)
Runaway train's ultimate fate.

On 4 April a locomotive with one car attached was
idle at the Ciftehan station in Ulukisla district of
Nigde province so the train's two engineers, I.D.
and H.Y., decided to get off the train to relieve
themselves. However, in doing so the engineers
allegedly forgot to put the brake on. Because of the
slope of the railline, the locomotive and its sole car
began to head down the hill on their own in an
uncontrolled manner.

The engineers and station personnel informed the
authorities of the situation and all rail crossings
were closed to vehicles and pedestrians. Police
and Gendarmerie units took precautions along the
route, as all stations were alerted. The Cukurova
Express, en route with passengers from Adana to
Nigde was pulled off to a siding at the Hacikiri

The locomotive, reaching speeds of 140 KPH, passed
Pozanti district and proceeded out of control for 40
kilometers, up to Belemedik Location. Preparations
were made at the Belemedik station, 25 kilometers from
the Hicikiri station,  to get the train off the tracks. As
the runaway train approached Belemedik the tracks
were changed and the locomotive, with its trailing car,
were directed onto an empty siding, where the train
toppled over.

The two engineers have been relieved (!) of duty
and an inquiry has begun.

Turkey's rail system. Runaway at Ulukisla, center bottom.

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