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Escape Within His Grasp, But...

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 19 April 2013)
To catch a thief, let him do the work.

In Marmaris district of Mugla province, jeweler
Engin Demirezen (30) left the key in the ignition
as he was putting some things into the trunk of his
car. Seeing this, U.T.(23), who was on the sidewalk
drinking alcohol, jumped in Demirezen's car and took
off . Police pursued U.T. who lost control of the car at
high speed during the chase. The car jumped the curb,
hit a pole and veered into a 30 meter-deep shoulder
along Icmeler Liman Iskelesi road.

The car was wrecked after hitting the concrete base
of the shoulder but U.T. escaped uninjured. To
avoid capture, U.T. then dove into the water and
swam 100 meters. He got out at a point far from
the pursuing police and began to climb a 40-meter
hill. However, as he reached the top he lost his
balance and fell down. As he fell U.T.'s shirt  got
caught on tree branches, saving him from the rocks
on the shore below.

An AKUT (search and rescue) team saved the
tangled up U.T. and he was taken to a hospital.
U.T. had come to Marmaris three days earlier to
find work.



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