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Manhunter Hunted Down

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(Sabah Newspaper, 5 April 2013)
Temptress Necla A., dressed in black.

Osman G. (71) lives in Saimbeyli district of Adana
and after losing his wife last year he told friends
that he'd like to marry again. Seyfullah T. (46), a
suspect in the case, learned about Osman G.'s
desire and introduced him to Necla A., who went
by the name Haim Erol, using a phony ID.

Necla A. came to the district and told Osman G.
"I'm a poor woman.", asking him for a wedding
price of 8,000TL worth of gold for the nuptuals.
However, after selecting the gold from the jeweler,
where she had gone together with Osman G., Necla
A. snuck off on a pretext and met up with Seyfullah
T. in a side street.

Police teams tracked down the real Hanim Erol, who
explained that her ID had been stolen by a woman
sitting next to her on a bus three years ago. Looking
into the matter further, police determined that 19 other
men in various cities had been similarly duped by the
same woman.

Seyfullah T. was quickly located and he explained how
he, along with Necla A. and her boyfriend Salih S.,
conducted their operation: travelling from village to
village, they sought out  elderly rich men who wanted
to get married.

Police also arrested Necla A. and Salih S. All the
suspects were then arraigned.

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