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Leon Trotsky Slept Here

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(Hürriyet and Sabah Newspapers, 12 April 2013)

Looks like such a nice guy...

The Arap İzzet Paşa mansion on Büyükada, Istanbul,
where Leon Trotsky, one of the intellectual leaders of the
Russian Revolution, lived in exile from 1929 to 1933, will
become a museum. Trotsky spent his days on Büyükada
fishing and writing a history of the revolution.

A plan to use the mansion as a hotel was disapproved by
the Istanbul Number 5 Cultural Treasures Protection
Council and the Istanbul municipality has decided to turn
the building into a museum about Trotsky.

Trotsky lost a power struggle with Stalin after Lenin's death in
1924 and sought exile in Turkey in 1929. He lived in the Arap
İzzet Paşa mansion from 12 February 1929 until 17 July 1933.
Trotsky was assassinated in Mexico in 1940. 

Far from his beloved collective farm.

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