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Miss Civilization of the World

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 3 April 2013)

Local Romeo's pose with civilized beauties.

Eighteen beauties from 17 countries came to Diyarbakır
to participate in the Miss Civilization of the World contest.
The beauties toured the historic and touristic sights and
yesterday they went to Mardinkapı neighborhood in
historic Keçiburcu.

The contestants posed on the fortress towers and Diyarbakır's
residents showed great interest. The local young fellows vied
with each other to get a photograph taken with the gorgeous
girls, who all donned their national sashes.

Some of the beauties examined an armored military vehicle,
placed there to enhance security, and their posing next to it
made for an interesting photographic juxtaposition. The
Miss Civilization of the World contest will take place in
Diyarbakır on Sunday. 

Donald Trump couldn't find Diyarbakır.

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