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"Dentist" is Human, not Bovine

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 17 April 2013)
Unwilling patient Hamide and 'dentist' hubby.

In Daricayalani village of Vezirkopru district,
Samsun province, Veysel M.(50) has allegedly
beat his wife of 21 years, Hamide M. (55) over
a long period of time. Ten days ago during an
argument, after beating her Veysel extracted
three of Hamide's lower front teeth with pliers.

Hamide's body was covered with bruises and
wounds from the beating but she told doctors
who asked about her condition that "a cow
kicked me." But Hamide called her son from
another marriage, Huseyin Dilen, who works
in Ankara, and told him what really happened.

Dilen then came to Vezirkopru and filed a
complaint with the prosecutor. In her statement
to the prosecutor, Hamide said that Veysel
"beat me dreadfully and has before. Two years
ago he hit me with a board and broke my arm.
He said if anyone asks tell them 'a cow kicked
me'. He threatened me, saying 'I'll kill you!'.
He took my teeth out with pliers."

For his part, Veysel stated that "I didn't beat
her. I shoved her and she fell down." Hamide
has asked the Family and Social Policies
Ministry to intervene. In her petition to the
ministry, Hamide objected to the release of
Veysel pending trial.

Oral surgery free in Vezirkopru.

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