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Zeytinburnu Diary: Monkey, Marriage

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(Cihan News Agency, 30 April 2013)

Fugitive's moment of capture.

In the Nuripaşa neighborhood of Zeytinburnu, Istanbul, a monkey took
advantage of his owner's momentary lapse of attention and jumped
into a tree on 62/2 Street. The loveable monkey began to eat the
eggs in a crow's nest but when attacked by the mother crow he
sought refuge on the balcony of an adjacent apartment building.
When the apartment owner opened the balcony door the monkey
slipped into the house.

The loveable monkey leapt around the apartment for an hour as
residents tried to capture it and the monkey bit the hand of one
of its pursuers. The chase continued back on the balcony and
the homeowner gave the monkey some sugar to lure it in for capture.
The monkey's owner saw the activity from the street, came to the
apartment and nabbed the monkey.

The injured pursuer Sema Karabacak related the incident: "When
we came from the market it was in the tree eating the crow's eggs.
This didn't sit well with the crows, of course, so the monkey leapt
to the balcony and got into the house. Then it got into our place and
gave us the run-around. When I tried to catch it the monkey tore up
my hands. Then the owner came and took it away."

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(Sabah Newspaper, 29 April 2013)

Practice driving for his wedding day.

In Zeytinburnu, Istanbul, a thief who made his car look like a
bride's for robbery purposes was captured by police who became
suspicious. The police noticed Mert T. in a car with  a banner
that read "We're getting married. We're happy" where the license
plate should have been visible.

When police checked Mert T.'s background they found warrants
for his arrest on other robbery charges. There were materials for
committing robbery in the car, which was a rental. Police determined
that by hiding the plate number Mert T. thought he would be able
to avoid police scrutiny. Mert T. was arrested and taken to prison.

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