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Shortcuts to Disaster

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(Sabah Newspaper,1 April 2013)
Should have taken the long way home.

In Bursa, three people who thought they could
take a shortcut through a river barely cheated
death. Hamza Saskin (whose surname means
'bewildered') wanted to cross the Nilufer River
with his minibus in the Doburca neighborhood
but when the minibus reached the middle of
the river it stopped.

Saskin and his two companions, Ayse Saskin
and Gulbeyaz Istekin, were in a geat panic.
Saskin swam to the shore and local residents
rescued the two women. The minibus was
dragged 70 meters in the rising waters. Driver
Saskin stated that "we wanted to take a shortcut
but we got stuck." The Bursa Municipality's
bridge construction at the river is continuing.


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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 2 April 2013)

In Bayrampasa, Istanbul, Alp Gunaydin was driving
along the TEM highway at about 0915 yesterday
morning and decided to beat the traffic congestion
by sneaking on to the safety shoulder at Bayrampasa
Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market.

Gunaydin neglected to reduce his speed, however,
and crashed into the back of a tractor-trailor parked
in the safety lane. Gunaydin's car was wrecked and
he was stuck inside of it. Rescue teams extracted
Gunaydin and took him to a hospital.

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