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Out East: Dream Job in Bitlis, Wintennas in Agri

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(Takvim Newspaper, 4 April 2013)
Watchman has nice view, and a paycheck.

An anecdotal tale from Bogazonu village in Mutki
district of Bitlis province. The foundation for the
Ayse Hatun Dam was set in 1961 but the project
has still not been completed after 52 years. Nevertheless,
the dam's watchman has been employed the whole time.
And after Mirhan Akin, who served in the position from
1961, retired, his successor has been in the job for 7 months.
So while the dam has become a subject of ridicule the
governor's office did not include it in its investment program
for 2013.

Bitlis, dream jobs found here.

windowcell links to original article
(Takvim Newspaper, 4 April 2013)

Window doubling as antenna.
In some places, the phone devices that make our lives easy can
be a problem. The most striking example of this emerged from
Bascavus village in Agri province where residents of the30-home
settlement have trouble getting a signal from the GSM operator.
Consequently, communications have been all but cut off. All efforts
to get a base station installed in the village have failed so the villagers
have resorted to other methods, foremost among them using the
windows of their homes.
Citizens have taken to taping their cellphones to windows, where
the signal is better. They then get up on a chair and use the phone
in this manner to call friends and relatives. The villagers also go up
on their rooves and climb hills to catch a signal, according to Village
Chief Cemil Ozbey. They all hope that one day a base station will be
installed in Bascavus village. 
The same signal problem is being experienced in Yolcular village of
Bitlis province, where villagers climb the minarets of the local mosque
to catch a signal. Space at the top is limited so a priority list has been
developed. The elderly complain that they can't call their doctors and
young people are upset that they can't exchange SMS messages with
their friends.
Agri on the extreme right side of Turkey.

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