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A Million Dollars For Sale

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(Sabah Newspaper, 16 April 2013)
John Baresford Tipton* left this for you.

The Gendarmerie raided a house in Milas district
of Mugla province and seized a one million dollar
bank note that one F.C. intended to sell to collectors.
F.C. was taken into custody and an investigation to
determine the authenticity of the bank note has begun.

The one million dollar bank notes are produced by
the International Millionaires Union and serve as a
symbol of commercial success and "the American
Dream". They are used by large organizations for
interbank transactions and although they are not in
fact real money, they are sought-after. Collectors
buy and sell them for tens of thousands of dollars.

The first one million dollar bank note was put out
in 1988 by the American bank note company, which
prints money for many governments around the world.
The notes resemble real money in every way and
some precautions not found in real money are taken
to ensure that the notes cannot be counterfeitted. Each
one million dollar bank note has a special certificate,
as well.

*viewers of "The Millionaire" TV show of the
pre-historic era will recognize this name.

Get your million here.

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