13 Nisan 2013 Cumartesi

Turk "Capone" is Europe's Hell on Wheels

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(Sabah Newspaper, 30 March 2013)
Kadir Capone

The Hell's Angels gang, established in the U.S. in
1948 and currently operating in 32 countries around
the world, and which is involved in weapons smuggling,
narcotics and prostitution, is stoking the fear it has already
created in Germany.

Former Turkish boxer Kadir P., formerly with the Banditos,
joined up with the Hells Angels, along with 70 others and
his new target is said to be uniting with the group's club
in Denmark. According to a statement by the Berlin police,
under the leadership of Kadir P., who adopted the nickname
"Kadir Capone" in honor of American gangster Al Capone,
the gang's activities in the capital Berlin are increasing day
by day.   

Let's roll!

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