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Autistic Kids are Atheists (!)

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 23 April 2013)
Trust me on this one...

Sociologist Fehmi Kaya made an announcement in
connection with Autism Awareness Week, saying that
there are nearly 750,000 people in Turkey who show
signs of autism. Kaya stated that autistic children cannot
establish empathy and that "one of the basic characteristics
of autistic children is that the belief area, the God area, of
their brains is undeveloped, vacant."

Continuing, Kaya asserted that "there is a connection
between autistic children and atheists, naturally. German
scientists Erhard Neuberk and Klaus Deistung, along with
American scientist Ara Norenzayan, have conducted
research based on which they claim that autistic children's
belief side is undeveloped and, consequently, they have a
belief deficiency."

Kaya stated that researchers have established a parallel
by comparing autistic children with atheists. He added
that "they (researchers) claim that there's a parallel
between autistics and atheists and that atheism is a
different cultural version of autism. They claim, as well,
that because of their belief deficiency these children
show a resemblance to atheists. They assert this claim
by saying that 'autistics cannot establish empathy and
neither can atheists.'"

Sociologist Kaya said that "the point we assert is that
these children will reach a development point as the
result of their starting to develop socially and as a person.
At that point their belief dimension will naturally
develop, as well."

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