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Piggybacking Frogs' Spring Break

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(Sabah Newspaper, 1 April 2013)
Piggybacking road warriors.

Every Spring frogs migrate as a group from the
forest to the river between Kutahya's Domanic
district and Bursa's Inegol district. The frogs do
this in piggyback fashion as they cross the road on
their way. Scientific studies have confirmed that
the only piggybacking frogs are those from Domanic
and Inegol.

A drinking cup with piggybacked frogs inscribed
on it was found at Kutahya Seyitomer Hoyugu (Hittite
mound) in 2010, proving that this "custom" has been
observed by humans for 5,000 years. Domanic district
chief Mehmet Boztepe explained that warning signs have
been placed along the road where the frogs cross the
Domanic-Ingol highway in order to reduce the number
of frog deaths and that  alternative routes are being

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