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Vengence Taken, Mistaken

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(Sabah Newspaper, 9 April 2013)
8 years later, Facebook'ed.

Huseyin D. murdered Adnan B., then 24 years old,
with a meat cleaver on 24 June 2004 during an
argument at the Zeytinburnu Cemetery in Istanbul.
Three days later Huseyin D. was captured and tried.

The deceased's younger brother, Orhan B., traced
Huseyin D., who was released from Metris Prison
last year, on Facebook and sent him a message,
using his 19 year-old girlfriend Evrim S.'s account.
Acting as the girl, Orhan B. invited Huseyin D. to
meet on 19 October 2012 at a restaurant on the shore
at Bakirkoy.

While Evrim S. and Huseyin D. had dinner, Orhan B.
retrieved a gun he had hidden earlier from a gas box
at a hotel next to the restaurant and waited for Huseyin
D. When Huseyin D. emerged from the restaurant, he
was met with a hail of bullets from Orhan B.  After
being hit in the stomach and legs with five bullets,
Huseyin D. lay in a pool of blood but Orhan B. then
took a meat cleaver from his belt. Smashing Huseyin D.
on the head and body with the cleaver for 50 seconds,
Orhan B. delivered a total of 25 blows.

Orhan B. dropped the gun and cleaver at the scene and
fled. Huseyin D. died at the hospital. Evrim S. was
arrested and police are searching for Orhan B.


mistaken links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 9 April 2013)
Case of mistaken revenge.

In Adana, Abdurrahim U. made a plan to kill Cihan Y.,
with whom he had argued three months ago. Wearing
a ski-mask and booties, so as not to leave any traces at
the scene, Abdurrahim U. climbed onto the roof of Cihan
Y.'s family's home and waited with a sawed-off shotgun.

When Cihan Y. and his cousin Kadir Y. came home their
wives told them there was someone on the roof. Kadir Y.
went to check on the situation and was gunned down by
Abdurrahim U., who was expecting Cihan Y. instead.
Kadir Y. died and  Abdurrahim U., who was captured a
short time later, confessed.

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