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An Unmentionable Hobby

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 12 September 2013)

Everyone's got a hobby, right?

In Yuregir district of Adana province,  womens
underwear items hanging from clotheslines on five balconies
were stolen in two days. The women involved, who had
hung their laundry items in the evening and found them
missing in the morning, called police.

As the police investigation was continuing, S.G., who
lives in Haydaroglu neighborhood, stepped out on her
balcony to get some air and noticed someone fleeing into
the orange grove with a bag in his hand. When S.G.
realized that the laundry on her balcony was gone she
chased the thief and some neighbors joined the chase.

The person that S.G. and her neighbors caught was
Tuna N. (27), who had a bag in his hand filled with
womens underwear. At the police station, Tuna N.
explained in his statement that he has an interest in
womens underwear, remarking that "I have a thing for
women. That's why I stole their underwear."

A total of 43 womens underwear items were found in
the bag Tuna N. was carrying and in his home.

Ladies! Keep an eye on your clotheslines!

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