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Wandering Chickens Spark Deadly Brawl

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(Sabah Newspaper, 27 September 2013)

Lives not worth chicken feed.

In Adana, a fight broke out between children of neighboring
families because some chickens entered a garden. When adults
joined the fray with clubs and rocks the scene turned into a
battlefield. Shots were fired in the melee, in which 3 people
died and two were injured.

The incident occurred yesterday in the Cinarli neighborhood of
Kucukdili town, in Seyhan district. Allegedly, while the children
of neighbors Kadir Orgen and Metin Batir were playing in the
street, Metin Batir's chickens entered Kadir Orgen's garden. This
sparked fighting between the 8-10 year old children of the two

It is claimed that Gozde Orgen (evidently Kadir's wife) attacked
the other children with a knife in an effort to protect her own
kids. Metin Batir, who was in his house, heard the commotion, saw
that his children were being chased by someone with a knife and
intervened. Kadir Orgen and his relatives then joined the fight and
in a moment the street turned into a battlefield.

The fight, in which guns, bats and rocks were used, became a battle.
Kadir Orgen (20), Metin Batir (31) and Yuksel Yeter (19) died. Turan
Batir and Enis Batir were seriously wounded. Police took five people
into custody in connection with the incident and three others are being
sought. Two pistols were used in the fight and 19 spent shells were
found at the scene.

Keep your chickens penned-in Adana! 


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