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Imaginary Characters Hijacked!

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 4 September 2103)

Sword can't protect kidnapped Metin2.

Nearly 150 people who play the internet games
Metin2 and Knight Online, which have become
phenomenons, have filed complaints saying that
the game characters they have paid lots of money
to enhance have been hijacked. One player in his
petition stated that "I spent 20,000 TL to enhance
my character but he's not mine anymore."

Police say that there has been a marked increase
recently in the number of people complaining about
hijacked characters. The Anti-Cyber Crimes Office
stated that there has been a sudden rush of complaints
from people who've lost their characters, primarily
Metin2 fans, followed by Knight Online players.

According to police, within the past three months
about 150 people have filed complaints. As a first
step, police contacted those who run the game sites
and by tracking IP addresses and forums they identified
150 suspects. Seventy people, including hackers, have
been taken into custody. Some of them have denied the

One player who lost his character exclaimed that "I
spent 20,000 TL to strengthen my character but I
can't make contact with the character anymore. I've
filed a complaint about the person who hijacked my

Police officials explained that people who loiter on
cyber game sites have different aims. One official
said that "some people grab these characters and make
them their own. Others kidnap them and sell them to
other gamers to make money."

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