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Ferry Tale Ending Somewhat Unpleasant

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 2 September 2013)

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Those empty seats look mighty inviting...

Passengers wanting to return by sea to Yenikapi, Istanbul, from
Bandirma last night had quite a scare. The fast sea bus that took
on passengers at 2100 hours started to founder in rough seas and
the captain turned back to Bandirma. The ship had a difficult time
approaching the shore and some passengers fainted, while another
had an asthma attack.

Once back at port, the fast sea bus passengers rushed onto
the much larger  Adnan Menderes Ferryboat that was scheduled
to leave Bandirma for Yenikapi at 2130 hours.  However, the oncoming
sea bus passengers took any open seat they could find on the ferryboat,
sparking disputes with the ticketed ferryboat passengers. The
ensuing arguments quickly turned into fist fights, upon which
police came on board to evict the unticketed passengers.

The ferryboat finally left Bandirma for Yenikapi at 2330 hours.

Bandirma is on the sea, north of Balikesir. 

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