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Smokers Torch Istanbul; Fake Lawyer Gets 21 Years

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(Sabah Newspaper, 25 September 2013)

Cage-man: anti-smoking crusader.
(For his heroic story see our
report of  2 July 2013: "Cage-Man
Fights Smoking Habit")

Some 43.9% of the fires in the Megakent (Istanbul)
in the period from January to June 2013, were caused
by cigarettes. The Istanbul Fire Department fought
11,734 fires during the first six months of the year and,
according to statistics, 5,157 of these were sparked by

In second place, were fires caused by electricity. There
were 2,510 of these, corresponding to 21.4% of all fires
during the first six months of the year. 32.5% of the fires
in Istanbul occurred during the hours between 1800 and

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(Sabah Newspaper, 25 September 2013)

This time, a fake lawyer in cuffs.
(For previous reporting on lawyers see our
item of 4 August 2013: "Lawyer Has a Bit Too
Much to Say") 

Zafer Yegen (53) obtained powers-of-attorney and money from
many people at the Kartal Court House by using the identity
information of lawyer Z.Y., who is a member of the
Istanbul Bar.  Nine people complained about Yegen in 2009 for
not opening suits or for not keeping track of them.

The lawyer's office address printed on Yegen's business card
could not be found and a case was opened against him for
'willful fraud and using false official documents.'  Yegen spent
some time in prison for the charges but was freed prior to his

The court's committee found that Yegen had taken advantage of
the similarity between his own name and Z. Y.'s in defrauding
the nine complainants. The committee has issued a sentence
of 21 years 3 months and a fine of 21,500 TL to suspect Yegen.

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