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Ancient Turkic Motifs Found in Hakkari

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(Aydinlik Newspaper, 3 September 2013)

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Motif from Resko Mountain.

Umit Siraci, the head of the Denizli Nature Lovers Association,
has found rock paintings at the 3,400 meter level of Resko
Mountain in the Oramar region of Hakkari province. The area
had been closed to civilians for 30 years because of terrorism.

Siraci made the climb with a 35-person team on 26 August and
reported that the 10,000 year-old rock paintings have Turkish
traits and motifs.  He noted that he had previously encountered
rock paintings in the Sat Mountains, Tirsin Mountain Pasture
and in the Gavuruk region.

Siraci explained that "the rock motifs in the Oramar region are
more prevalent. It's as if it was a central point. A place where a
shaman might want to reach God. It's higher than the other places.
There are graves made from the surrounding rock piles that
resemble those of Central Asia. Research shows that the motifs
previously encountered in this region are at least 10,000 years old."

Hakkari. In extreme SE Turkey.

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