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Failed Shop Class in High School

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(Posta Newspaper, 14 September 2013)

Dropped out of blowtorch-101 too soon.

Four thieves in Goztepe, Istanbul, broke the door of
an auto gallery and entered. They grabbed the locked safe
from the basement of the auto gallery, put it into their
getaway car and fled.

In order to open the safe the thieves took it to a repair
shop in Pendik. They tried to open the safe using a blow
torch but none of them really knew how to use the tool.
Consequently, they acted like rookie thieves and mistakenly
burnt up 25,000 TL that was in the safe.

The thieves then divided up the 1,000 USD and 14 pieces
of jewelry remaining in the safe. Meanwhile, the police
reviewed the surveillance camera video from the auto gallery
and determined the thieves' address. Sezer B. (29), Eray S. (26),
Sercan A. (26) and Emrah A. (28) were arrested.

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