2 Eylül 2013 Pazartesi

Police Brutality in Equal Measure

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(Posta and Hurriyet Newspapers, 31 August 2013)
This is what we get underpaid for?
In Kahramanmaras, Burak Hancerkiran (23) went to the
Sehit Murat Orumcek Police Station to report that a driver
he argued with had punched him. Allegedly, the police
paid no heed to Hancerkiran's complaint and when he
insisted he was beaten by the police.

Hancerkiran then called his uncle Bilal and his brother
Okkes and they all went back to the police station where
they had a pitched battle with the police. In the end, policeman
Mehmet Mavis's nose was broken and his colleague Ahmet
Keskin's leg was broken, as well. Both sides have filed
complaints against each other.

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