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Pooch Banned From Beach

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 16 September 2013)

Canine Aquatic Intruder (on the right)

Hürriyet Özçelik (52), a member of the board of directors of
Turkey's Women Entrepreneurs Association (KAGİDER), has
reacted to the 110 TL fine she got from the Gündoğan municipality
for letting her dog 'Romeo', a 7 year-old Scotch terrier, enter the
water at the Gündoğan public beach in Bodrum, Muğla province.

Özçelik has fıled a suit in administrative court to have the municipality's
decision, which was based on the premise that the dog disturbed other
bathers, voided so that it does not serve as a precedent. Meanwhile,
Ibrahim Bilgi, the MHP party mayor of Gundoğan, stated that the
municipality took its decision on 29 August to prevent the dog from
entering the water at the 'blue flag' (pristine) bay because the animal
was a threat to human health.

Mayor Bilgi asserted that the fine was lawful and he added that
"only 25 percent of the beach is restricted with regard to the dog
entering the water. The lady in question can have her dog swim
anywhere in the other 75 percent."

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