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'Mayoral Throne of Doom' Up For Auction

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 11 September 2013)

//ed. note.: this is a follow-up to our report of a few days ago.//

I don't believe it's unlucky but...

In the aftermath of the death by heart attack of the mayor of
Acarlar town in Incirliova district of Aydin province, the
special mayoral election has been won by CHP council member
Askin Simsek. Simsek competed with the AKP candidate, council
member Sezai Ozkaya, but when one AKP council member voted
for the CHP candidate, Simsek won by garnering 5 votes.

Simsek stated that he would not sit in the chair in which 4 mayors
and one council member who died in office sat. Three of the mayors
died within the past two years. Simsek said the chair would be sold
at auction and "I'll donate the money to the Acarlar Sports Club. I
don't believe that the chair is inauspicious but since such rumors are
circulating I'll change it."   

Of the four late mayors, Durmus Ali Akcan, Adnan Yildiz and Cafer
Yildirim died of heart attacks. Former Mayor Yunus Senturk succumbed
to cancer.

'Mayor-for-life' has new meaning, in Aydin.

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