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Wonder Woman Southpaw Arm Wrestler

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(Haberturk and Star Newspapers, 21 September 2013)

Don't mess with this lefty.

Ipek Ozgun Deper, an athlete for the Izmir Municipality, has
been unable to use her right arm since an unfortunate accident
occurred during her birth. But her left arm has made her Turkey's
pride and joy since she won the title of  World Arm Wrestling

Ipek was born in Afyonkarahisar in 1996 and almost suffocated
during birth. Doctors were able to save her at the last possible
moment but in doing so the nerves to her right arm snapped. After
numerous operations and years of physical therapy, Ipek took up
boxing in hopes of using both her arms. She tried mightily, working
hours each day, but her right arm never responded properly.

Nevertheless, Ipek caught the attention of coaches from the Izmir
Municipal Sports Club and she started to work on arm wrestling.
At age 15 she took second in Turkey in left-handed arm wrestling
and won a bronze medal the same year Europe-wide. In 2012 Ipek
reached the summit of her sport in Europe and after that she became
world champion. Ipek won another gold medal in Europe in 2013.

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