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Lovelorn Granddad Bilked by Three 'Brides'

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(Haberturk Newspaper, 21 September 2013)

Huseyin Coban:
"I want to live a second Spring"
Born in 1935, retired from France.
My motor is sound but I have a pacemaker
I like to tour and take trips.
I live in Egirler village. I have 120 acre field,
a 4 acre apple orchard and an 8-room house.
I have a son and two daughters, all married and
the youngest is 48 years old.
I want to marry a kind woman my own age so
I can live a contented and sweet life.
Huseyin Coban
0536 318 52 39  

Huseyin Coban (78) retired in 1999 after working in France for
two years and in Holland for 28 years. Upon the death of his
wife of 56 years, Ayse Coban, in 2008, Huseyin returned to Turkey
to live by himself in Egirler village of Yalvac district, Isparta province.

Huseyin Coban, who has three children and nine grandchildren,
decided after a while to marry again. He put an advertisement in
newspapers explaining that he wanted 'to live a second Spring.'
However, three women responding to the add with the promise to
marry Huseyin instead emptied his 150,000 Euro bank account:

 "Two candidates called from Greece. One said she had a tax debt so
I put 50,000 Euros into her account. Then she disappeared. The
second one hoodwinked me with a fake 130,000 TL promissory note.
The third candidate was from Gaziantep. I put a 20,000 Euro bracelet
on her arm and put my last 26,000 Euros into our joint account. I did
everything to make her my wife but she too disappeared."

A saddened Huseyin exclaimed "I don't even have money left for
a funeral shroud."

Yalvac is Isparta's northernmost district.

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