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Angels Swim in 'God's Mercy Water'

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(Sabah Newspaper, 6 September 2013)

Three women filed a complaint with the Fatih, Istanbul,
Müftülük (local Islamic Law official's office) that would make
heads spin. The women victims explained that one Mehmet Üner,
who said that he could treat various illnesses with prayer and holy
water that he prepared, had the women drink what he called 'God's
mercy water'. The women allege that the water has created an
addiction for them and numbness in their bodies.

The Müftülük alerted the police to the situation and an investigation
was begun. Based on a court order, Üner's home was searched and his
'God's mercy water' seized. Scientific examinations of the liquid at
the Police Criminal Laboratory revealed a frightening reality - the
liquid contained narcotic material.

Üner was taken into custody and in his statement he said that he is
"God's ambassador" and that he prepared the liquid for people's
health. He claimed, as well, that there are angels in the liquid. The
prosecutor determined that Üner introduced himself to religious people
with problems as a 'hoca' (guru) and hoodwinked them into drinking
the liquid, after which they felt better (high) and paid him a fee that
Üner characterized as a contribution.

An indictment has been prepared against Üner charging him with
narcotics trafficking and religious exploitation. Üner obtained the
narcotıc material he added to the water from an individual named Ahmet
at the Fatih Women's Bazar.

Despite the indictment, Üner spoke with our reporter and defended
his holy water, saying that he has witnesses who will testify that
'God's mercy water' is beneficial for illnesses. Üner previously was
sentenced to 10 months in jail for the possession and sale of narcotics
but the sentence was converted to one year of treatment and supervised

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