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'High Talker' Now a Baritone

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(Haberler.com internet site, 15 September 2013)

From soprano to baritone.

In Derik district of Mardin province, Berakat Ergin has been
speaking with a girl's voice since he was a teenager but thanks
to voice therapy he underwent in Diyarbakir, Ergin has gained
a manly voice.  He said that "on the phone people would respond
addressing me as 'madam'. Getting my voice changed was my
biggest dream and it's happened. I can talk comfortably now."

TV's Seinfeld courageously took on
the 'high talker' issue in the '90's.

Diyarbakir University's Dr. Salih Bakir stated that "this problem
of the voice not changing during puberty is quite widespread but
it can be fixed with a few voice therapies."  Ergin (34), who is a
shopkeeper in Derik and who has six children (!), tried many cures
but all in vain. Finally, at the suggestion of a friend, he applied to
DU where the successful therapy has been developed in this region
where this voice problem is rather prevalent.

Ergin noted that he's had a girl's voice since he was a teenager and
that he generally tried to avoid talking, especially in new environs.
He added that "some people made fun of me because I sounded like
a girl. This had a very bad effect on my psychology. On the phone
people would address me as 'madam'. I'm the only one in my family
with this problem but now I'm cured."
'High talkers' prevalent in Mardin.

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