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Sultan's Ship Returns Laden With Whiskey

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(Sabah Newspaper, 17 September 2013)
Sultan's mom Hurrem.

An investigation has been begun into the smuggling of
560 bottles of illegal whiskey that was hidden in a truck
among the costumes used by a troop from the Ankara State
Theater. The truck was returning by ship from northern
Cyprus, where the troop had performed the play 'Hurrem Sultan'.

The scandal came to light when the difference was noted
between the weight of the truck's load as it departed the port
of Mersin for Cyprus and its weight upon return to Mersin on
3 September. In the ensuing search of the truck, 560 bottles of
illegal whiskey and 22 packages of tea were uncovered.

It was determined that the labels written on the bottles - 'Murat',
'Sinan', 'Turgay', 'Nihat', 'Sule', 'Yasar', 'Orhan', 'Tolga', 'Husnu',
'Isik', 'Nihat', 'Caner', 'Yusuf', 'Semih' and 'Veli' equated to the
names of  the play's performers. The claim is that one of
these was Sinan Tekinton, who played the role of Sultan Suleyman
in the play.

When the incident came to light the head of the State Theater,
Mustafa Kurt, got involved and an inspector from the Culture and
Tourism Ministry was requested last week. The inspectors have
begun to take statements from 35 individuals, including Serhat
Nalbantoglu, the leader of the theater troop.  Following the dual
investigations being run by both the State Theater and the Mersin
prosecutor, those found to be responsible will have their relations
with the theater cut.

An official who didn't want his name revealed stated that "a new
era has begun in the Sate Theater. It is impossible to accept an
incident such as this. At the end of the investigation whoever was
responsible, including the troop leader, will be cut off from the
state theater.  As the case continues the legal struggle of the victim
(State Theater) will relentlessly continue. Our job is art. It is not
appropriate for an artist to be involved in an incident like this."

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