11 Eylül 2013 Çarşamba

So, Go Ahead and Jump Already

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(Sabah Newspaper,10 September 2013)

Ramazan defies crowd's plea to "jump!"

Broad security measures were taken the night before last
around Kayseri Fortress in Kayseri Republic Square when
someone climbed up on the fortress. The person's name
was Ramazan Deniz and he was adamant about seeing his
child, saying "if you don't bring him to me I'll jump!"

Deniz held out for three hours and even climbed higher on
the fortress wall. He was angered, however, by the cries of
the crowd that gathered below urging him to "jump! jump!",
chanted in a cheering tempo. Deniz responded by throwing
rocks at the crowd.

Police summoned Deniz's older brother to the scene and he
grabbed Deniz just as the desperate man was about to jump.
Five police officers had a difficult time constraining Deniz,
who was handcuffed and finally brought under control.

When someone from the crowd asked Deniz "why didn't
you jump?" Deniz's older brother and the questioner got into
a fight.

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