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Groom Suffers Womanhood Before Betrothal

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(Sabah Newspaper, 24 September 2013)

A different kind of bachelor party.

In Canakkale, prospective grooms cannot marry unless
the put on lipstick, dress in womens clothes and do the
wash in front of their intended brides.  The 500 year-old
tradition in Kumburun village of Ezine district is just
about 'torture' for the grooms at wedding ceremonies.

Most recently, at the wedding of Dinar Sahin and Mesut
Gurel the groom (Mesut) had to put on a dress and lipstick
before he shaved. This was followed by Mesut dancing
in the dress, accompanied by drum and clarinet music, and
then washing clothes in a washtub.

The groom said that what his friends did to him is a tradition:
"this is what we've seen our elders do so we carry it on. Anyone
who doesn't do these things can't get married." As for the bride
Dinar, she noted that "I never before saw such a wedding
tradition. This has been a memory for me on my happy day. I
won't forget this for the rest of my life."

One of the villagers, Nazmi Guler, explained that "this tradition
is special for us here and has gone on for years. As long as we
can keep it up we will."

Canakkale province.

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