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Aromatic Dispute Decimates Family

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 9 January 2014)

In Uskudar, Istanbul, in May 2013, Musa Taranci (61)
got into a fight with his neighbors of 30 years,
the Arikan family, over the food smell coming from an
exhaust fan pipe. Taranci then secretly extended the fan
pipe but, upon finding out, the Arikan family again put
the original pipe back in.

Bu boru yüzünden komşularını vurdu

This prompted Taranci to scream "I have to put up with
your food smell?!"  and to shoot Erdal Arikan (45) in
the hip and hand. Taranci next shot and killed Erdal's
older brother Hasim Arikan (54). Turning back toward
the apartment building, Taranci shot the brothers' mother
Fadime Arikan (76) in both her arms.

After shooting Hasim Arikan's son Ahmet Arikan (29),
who had come out of the house when he heard the
initial shots, in the arm and back, Taranci was arrested.

In his statement at the hearing at the Anadolu Justice Hall,
Taranci claimed that "there was a group of them. When I
asked them why the took out the extension pipe I'd put
in they called me "dishonorable" and attacked me with
bats. I only weigh 60 kilograms so to protect myself I
fired indiscriminately." However, there were no wounds
found on Taranci, prompting a reaction from the

Erdal Arikan, one of those wounded, stated that "this
exhaust fan pipe was put in 7 years ago. Without telling me,
the suspect (Taranci) put a extension pipe on the fan pipe and
ran it all the way to the coal storage shed because he didn't
like the smell. On the day of the incident he came to our
house and when he mentioned the exhaust fan pipe I said
'we should get poisoned because you don't like the smell?!'
In response, he screamed 'I have to put up with your smell?!'
and shot me three times with his gun. I passed out and then
he killed my brother, also wounding my brother's son and
my nephew. May God protect others from such a neighbor!"

The court hearing has been suspended so that a fact-finding
investigation can be conducted at the scene of the incident.

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