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Goldfinger Stings Environmentalist Couple

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 19 January 2014)

Bu cezaya çocuklar bile şaştı

Omer Eren (43) lives in Karakoy village, located about
35 kilometers from Bayramic in Canakkale province. On
1 December 2012, Eren and his wife Hanife (38), along
with their two children, stopped a minibus used by a
gold mining company, for about three minutes. Eren
said to the workers riding in the bus, who were mostly
his co-villagers, "this mine is spreading poison! Why
are you working there?!"

Mine company officials filed a complaint in court in
Bayramic against Eren and his wife for the crime of
'violating one's right to work.'  The case went on for
a year, coming to conclusion on 3 December 2013. The
court imposed a jail sentence of 1 year 15 days on the
Eren couple. The sentence was postponed but it was
decreed that a psychologist will visit the Eren home
each month to council children M.E. (12) and B.E.(13),
who were said to have been incited to crime.
Canakkale province.
Bayramic is in the south-central part.

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