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Twin Notwithstanding, She's Four Years Younger!

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(Sabah Newspaper, 1 January 2014)

Twins Sevil and (4 years younger) Sevilay

Sevilay Uyar, the identical twin of Sevil Uyar, who launched
an acting career after being selected as Miss Model of 
Turkey in 2006, applied to court in Istanbul recently to have
her age adjusted.  In her petition, Sevilay claimed that the
birth date on record for her is recorded as if she were the twin
of her older sister Sevil Uyar.

Sevilay Uyar claimed that her real birth date in 15 August 1985,
not 5 May 1981, as recorded for her older sister Sevil.  Sevilay
stated that "as a result of a mistake at the Population Directorate,
my birth date is recorded as 5 May 1981 as if I were the twin of
Sevil Uyar.  In order to establish my real birth date I am opening
this age correction suit."

The court announced its decision last week, rejecting Sevilay
Uyar's suit. In its decision, the court declared that Sevilay Uyar's
official birth registration date is 11 May 1981 and since a birth
date after that date could not be proven the suit was rejected.

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