16 Ocak 2014 Perşembe

Batman's Hostages Finally Freed!

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 11 January 2014)

In Batman, electricity to the Gercüş Municipality building was
cut off yesterday morning because of an unpaid 3 million TL bill.
So Gercüş Mayor Esat Üner of the BDP Party and his officials
went straight to the office of the Dicle Electricity Company (DEDAŞ),
where they spoke with the responsible engineer, Ömer Özdemir.

Mayor Üner, bent on revenge, told Özdemir that DEDAŞ did not
have a permit to use its building, that he would seal the building and
that all DEDAŞ personnel should leave immediately. When Özdemir
said in response that he and his DEDAŞ colleagues would not leave,
Mayor Üner had municipal workers seal the DEDAŞ building.

Four DEDAŞ personnel were stranded in the sealed building and
pleaded for help from the police, who two hours later opened the
building and freed the captive DEDAŞ workers.   

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