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Not Everyone Likes Turkish Food

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 5 January 2014)

Shipborne food fight.

A fight broke out on board a Romanian-flagged cargo
ship passing through waters off  Bodrum in Mugla province,
between the Turkish cook and Indian personnel who
did not appreciate the cook's food. Four people were
injured in the fight.

The 82-meter dry cargo ship 'Ada' had come from Israel
to Bodrum's Gulluk port when the fight broke out among
the crew on board the ship in international waters off
Bodrum. Allegedly, four Indian crew members disapproved
of  Turkish cook K.M.'s cuisine and came after him. The
other three Turkish crewmembers on the ship came to
K.M.'s defense and the fight grew larger.

Iron clubs were used in the fight, resulting in injuries to
four of the participants. The captain anchored the ship in
Bitez Bay and requested assistance from the Turkish Coast
Guard. But as the Coast Guard vessel approached, the Ada
captain radioed that the fight had ended and that the injured
personnel were being attended to by the ship's medical
team. The Coast Guard vessel then turned away without


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