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Parrot Fingers Hapless Thieves

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(Sabah Newspaper, 14 January 2014)

Papağanın yakalattığı hırsızlara 18 yıl istemi
Parrot he couldn't resist turned him in.

On 3 December 2013, in Besiktas, Istanbul, thieves robbed
an auto dealership, taking a luxury car, 3 TV's, 3 iPad's,
a laptop, two gold pens, a wristwatch, spare keys for 16
cars and a red-tailed parrot. After the theft was reported in
the press, an unidentified person called the dealership from
a home in the Yuzyil neighborhood of Bagcilar and said
that individuals there were trying to sell a parrot like the
one mentioned in the news reports.

Dealership director Dilek Karamuk (36) called police right
away and soon afterwards suspects Ersan Akbaba and
Bahtiyar Kilic were captured in Yuzyil.  Akbaba explained
that he was released from prison last year after serving a
10-year sentence. He went on to say that "I've known Bahtiyar
since childhood. He's a prison escapee. We drove into the
dealership in a car that Bahtiyar said he'd stolen. I stole the
parrot and took it home. Then I gave it to a friend. Bahtiyar
paid me 3,200 TL for the heist. I regret it."

As for Bahtiyar Kilic, he admitted that he was a prison escapee
and added that "both of us were really drunk. We left the stolen
stuff  at a construction site in Yuzyil and left the car we stole
on a street in Halkali. Then with another car we went back to
the construction site in Yuzyil but the stuff was gone. I got
5,000 TL for the car I stole from the dealership. The heist made
the news and it looks like a viewer fingered us."

The two thieves are back in prison and charged with grand theft,
breaking and entering and property damage. They are facing
jail sentences of 18 years 6 months.

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