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Phantom Hubby Spooks Robbers

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(Sabah Newspaper, 24 January 2014)

(representative perp-walk photo)

In Umraniye, Istanbul, Sevgi O. (28) was
at home alone when two thieves entered.
Sevgi screamed, as if to her husband, "there's
someone in the house!"  The robbers then
jumped from a window but were captured by
the local security guards. The prosecutor has
opened a case against the thieves, asking for
sentences of up to 13.5 years.

The incident occurred in the home in the
Madenler neighborhood  last November. At
about 1900 on the evening of the break-in, home-
alone Sevil O. (name changed in the article, evidently
in an effort to protect her identity (!)) screamed
about the intrusion, seemingly to her husband.

Robbers O.D. and A.E. jumped from a window in
a panic but Sevgi (back to original name) saw them
and called security. The two thieves, in possession of
a window-opening tool,  were turned over to police
and Sevgi (!) filed a complaint against them.

The prosecutor has filed charges against O.D. and
A.E. as follows: "joint attempted robbery at night;
property damage; and violating the sanctity of a home
at night."  The charges call for jail sentences of up to
13.5 years.

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