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Noisy Neighbor Blasts Complainers

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(Sabah Newspaper, 31 December 2013)

Ercan T.

The night before last, former dancer Ercan T. was
making excessive noise in his flat in Kardesler
Apartimani on Levent Street in the Denizkoskler
neighborhood of Avcilar, Istanbul,  where he lives
alone.  Ercan T.'s neighbor Anil Dogan came to
his door to complain and an argument ensued.

The two have lived in this same apartment building
for years but Ercan T. nevertheless opened fire on Anil
Dogan with a pump-action rifle. Ercan T. also shot
another neighbor, Kadir Karaca, who came to the door
when he heard the firing.

Anil's father Suadet Dogan also heard the shots and
rushed down, only to be shot and killed by Ercan T.
Anil Dogan and Kadir Karaca were taken to a hospital,
where Anil could not be saved. Karaca remains in
serious condition.

After the incident, Ercan T. locked himself in his flat
with his rifle and, at first, refused to surrender. A special
police team was brought to the scene and succeeded in
persuading Ercan T. to give himself up. The wife of
Suadet Dogan and Anil's mother, Ismihan Dogan, had
a nervous breakdown upon hearing of the loss of her
loved ones.

Neighbors described Ercan T. as an irritable fellow (!),
who was born in Germany and has been locked in a
dispute with his divorced wife for custody of their
daughter. Police have begun an investigation into the

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