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Zimbabwe Funny-Money Gives Nice Return

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(Sabah Newspaper, 11 January 2014)

Now you can buy that bridge you always wanted.

In Bursa, two people hoodwinked a citizen they wanted to rent
a home from, using low-value Zimbabwe money. The two as-yet
unidentified individuals approached S.K., who lives in Karacabey,
saying they wanted to rent a house. S.K. said in response that the
rent would be 450 TL per month, with a 900TL deposit.

The would-be renters agreed but said that they didn't have any
Turkish money. Instead, they offered S.K. a bank note bearing
serial number AB 4752216, with 'Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe'
written on it. They told S.K. that the banknote was worth 2,000
TL so they asked for 1,100 TL in change. S.K. then did  just
that (!), giving these two unknown individuals 1,100 TL as change
for the ('2,000TL-value') Zimbabwe bank note.

Shortly afterwards, S.K. realized that he had been scammed and
called the district police station. Yet another similar incident occurred
in Mudanya. There, citizen O.S. was defrauded by someone using
low-value foreign money, too. A person he didn't know approached
O.S. wanting to rent his store in Güzelyalı for 250TL per month.
As O.S. later explained to police: "the guy said he didn't have any
Turkish money and he gave me a bank note with 'one thousand
dollars' written on it. As change, I gave him 1,400 TL. I later realized
that the money had very little value so I went to the police."

Bursa Province, Turkey
Bamboozled in Bursa - Karacabey, on the left, and Mudanya-by-the-sea.

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