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'Black Angel''s Sad Story a Film Scenario

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(Sabah Newspaper, 10 January 2014)

Ölümle biten fırtınalı hayat

Aysun Arinc was born in one of the slums of Izmir.
She was married off at a young age and had a
daughter. But it was an unhappy marriage and lasted
only a short time. Aysun wanted a better life for
herself after her divorce and in her early twenties
she met businessman Mehmet Ali Gurer, a divorced
father with one child.

Shortly afterwards, Aysun was pregnant so the two
married, providing Aysun with the luxury life she
desired, along with a daughter and son.  Nevertheless,
Aysun and Gurer soon fell out and began living
separately, with Aysun having Gurer rent her a luxury
apartment in the Hatay section of Izmir.

At this point, Aysun began an affair with Lutfullah
Ertekin Teker (33). Living in the same apartment
building was Hafize Unal (37), who had divorced her
Italian husband. Aysun became friends with Hafize,
known locally as the 'rich divorcee''.

Gurel began to withhold payments to Aysun, plunging
her into a financial crisis. One day while drunk, Aysun
and her boyfriend Teker went to Hafize's house but
they panicked when Unal blurted out "your planning
to kill your husband. I'm going to tell him." The two
lovers then shot Hafize in the back of her head.

As police investigated the incident, Aysun returned to
Gurel and, after drinking a bit, confessed to him that
she and Teker had murdered Hafize.  Hearing this,
Gurel filed a complaint against Aysun and began divorce
proceedings against her.

Aysun was taken into custody but the case faltered for
lack of evidence. Just a week after filing the complaint
against Aysun, though, Gurer was killed by Aysun's brother
Adnan Anac on 21 June 1998.  Aysun became known as
'Black Angel' and was given a death sentence. However,
the sentence was reduced to 20 years and after 7 years
Aysun was released, taking advantage of a 'Rahsan Pardon'
(named for PM Bulent Ecevit's wife Rahsan).

With her psychology in tatters and under treatment, Aysun
was taken by her relatives to live with relations in Marmaris.
Aysun married again briefly and had another daughter but
could not shake off her psychological problems. The day
before yesterday, Aysun left her house telling her daughter
"I'm going to your aunt's house." After talking with her
sister-in-law for a bit, Aysun went out on to the balcony and
allegedly threw herself down from the third floor.

The incident involving the death of the 47 year-old Aysun
is being investigated to determine whether it was a suicide
or an accident.

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