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Fethiye Rescues its Critters

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(Post Newspaper, 19 January 2014)

              'Tabby' Rescue Operation

In Fethiye, a kitten tried to jump onto a boat
in front of a restaurant along the shore and fell
into the water. As the kitten climbed up out of
the water it got stuck in a grating used to drain
off rain. The restaurant owner heard the kitten's
meowing and called firefighters, who came and
spent 45 minutes working the problem. In the
end the firefighters broke the concrete surrounding
the grating with a sledge hammer and rescued the
Türkçe links to original Turkish article

(multiple newspapers, 18 January 2014)

                 AKUT to the rescue!

In Fethiye, Muğla province, a goat that was left
stranded for a week on 120 meter-high rocks
was rescued by an AKUT (search & rescue) team.

Ibrahim Çakal (66) left his 20 goats to graze at the
Debboy point in Kesikkapı village and then learned
on 10 January that one of the goats that had recently
given birth was stuck on the rocks. Çakal went to the
scene where the goat was continually bleating but he
realized that he could not rescue the animal himself.

After waiting for a week to see if the goat could save
itself, Çakal called the AKUT Fethiye team. The six-
person AKUT team came to the scene this morning
and began the goat-saving mission. In the first phase,
team members climed up the steep 120-meter high cliff
and reached the goat's one-month old kid.

The AKUT team next took the kid toward the spot on
the rocks where the mother goat was stranded, set up a
station and began the descent.  After descending 20
meters, an AKUT team member reached the mother
goat but had a hard time capturing it.

Çakal watched from below in horror, hoping his goat
would not jump from the rocks. The goat was finally
wrapped in a net, lowered and set free to graze with its
kid.  Çakal thanked the AKUT team and explained that
he lives in Keloğlu Boğaz. He said his sole source of
income is his goats. Çakal noted that he had tried without
success to rescue the goat himself but he was glad that
the mother had been reunited with her offspring.

Ersin Gür, the leader of the AKUT team, said after the
5-hour operation that they don't distinguish between people
and animals when it comes to rescues. He noted that "this
is our third goat-rescue operation and some people think
that all AKUT does is rescue goats. But this was our 68th
operation, during which we saved 85 people and transported
5 bodies to safe places. We share our lives with the animals.
A goat's life is sacred for us and they're worthy of rescue."

Fethiye is Muğla province's
southernmost district.

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