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Two Love Stories, Sort Of...

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(Sabah Newspaper, 30 January 2014)

Sixteen and sought-after D.T.

In Balıkesir, a 16 year-old girl who left home
six days ago, saying "I'm going to school", has
not been heard from since. The girl's mother
Ilkay Örnek filed a missing person report and
claimed that her daughter had been kidnapped
as a surprise gift to a young man she met two
months ago from his friends.

Örnek filed a complaint in Ayvalık against two
people, alleging that her daughter D.T. was with
C.T., a tatooer she met two months ago. Police
then began looking for C.T.

At this point, Örnek received a call from someone
claiming that D.T. was fine, that C.T. had nothing
to do with the kidnapping and that the girl would
be brought home. The caller then phoned again and
this time said that "someone named Emre Altun had
kidnapped D.T. as a surprise for C.T."

Örnek filed a complaint against Altun and after D.T.
did not return after six days Örnek contacted Altun
via Facebook. In response to Örnek, Altun stated
that "Deniz (D.T.) is with me. We're happy. I won't
give your daughter back to you nor will I turn
myself in." 

Örnek said she is frightened that something bad will
happen to her daughter and she asked the authorities
to find D.T. and her kidnappers right away.

Türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Hürriyet and Posta Newspapers, 30 January 2014)


In Kösehasan village of Erzurum's Karayazı district,
on 2 June minibus driver Maruf A. (25) took Nurettin K.,
his wife Gülnaz K. and their son Umut K. from Esenler
hamlet to Karaçoban.  That same evening Maruf A.
took the family back from Karaçoban to the hamlet,
but because of heavy rain Maruf A. stayed over at their

Maruf A. had breakfast the next morning wıth the
family and then, as he washed his minibüs at a nearby
fountain, Maruf A. noticed that Nurettin and Gülnaz
went to visit their neighbors. At this point, Maruf A.
headed in the direction of the couple's 14 year-old
daughter Havva.

Allegedly, Maruf A. and Havva began kissing but
were spotted by Havva's older brother Umut (32).
Using his hunting rifle, Umut fired at Maruf A.
but missed. Maruf A. quickly fled in his minibus
while Havva hid in the tall grass, only to be found by
Umut, who shot and killed her.

A summary prepared by the prosecutor requests
that Umut K. be tried for 'killing a close relative'
and Maruf A. be tried for 'sexual harassment of a
child.' The summary has been forwarded to the
Erzurum Public Prosecutor's Office.


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