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Whirling Jailhouse Rockers

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(Sabah Newspaper, 27 January 2014)

       Elvis would be proud.

In commemoration of the 740th anniversary of
Mevlana Celaluddin Rumi's reunion, 20 prisoners
at the Ümraniye, Istanbul, T-type prıson put on a
show. A first in Turkey, the inmates, who are doing
time for various offenses, whirled around in keeping
with Mevlana's advice to "return, come what may".

The show was presented in the prison gym and began
with prisoners reading Mevlana's important words and
poems. The 20 inmates wore the traditional 'whirling
dervish' outfits as they danced to Mevlana's admonishment
to cleanse onself spiritually.

The inmate Mevlevi's, ranging in age from 10 (!) to 55,
performed the dance in concert with the hymns and couplets,
opening their hands and whirling. The prisoners were
applauded at length by the attendees in the gym.

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