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Fertility Queen: 38 kids by Age 36

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(Sabah Newspaper, 4 January 2014)

Serap with 2 of her 38.

In Adana, Serap Celikunal married when she was 14
years-old and by the age of 36 she had given birth to 38
children, in those 22 years. Five times Serap was pregnant
with quintuplets but she claimed she had to abort the
births each time.

Now 42, Serap married taxi driver Nihat Celikunal (43)
when she was 14. She said that she had her first child at
15 and thereafter had twins, triplets and quadruplets.
Serap explained that "in 22 years I gave birth to single
children five times, five times to twins, once to triplets
and five times to quadruplets. My triplets and quadruplets
babies didn't live. Of the 38 babies I had in 22 years ten
are living."

Serap noted that when she went to the doctor she was told
that the multiple births were genetic. She added that "in
our family there are lots of twins. My father-in-law is a
twin and there are many twins in my own family. But
I'm the only one whose had quadruplets and quintuplets."

Serap said that its been very hard for her to look after so
many children and be pregnant so often. She noted that
"our house was ruined in the Adana earthquake and because
we had so many children no one wanted to give us a house.
When I tell people I've had so many children they say it's
a miracle. God be praised! When I get pregnant it's more
than one."

Prof. Dr. Cansun Demir of Acibadem Hospital observed
that Serap's pregnancies are less likely than winning the
lottery but medically possible, nevertheless.  Dr. Demir
explained that "giving birth to twins is a 1 in 90 likelihood.
triplets is 1 in 8,000 and quadruplets and quintuplets are
exponentially more rare."

Adana. Something in the water?

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