27 Ocak 2014 Pazartesi

VIP's Stuck in High Places

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 18 January 2014)

Even the mighty are sometimes helpless.

Yesterday in Artvin, the opening ceremony was
held for the new ski lift at the Atabarı Kayak Center.
Artvin AK Party Parliamentarian Israfil Kışla and
local officials participated. After the ceremony, all
concerned boarded the ski lift for the 700 meter climb
to the summit.

However, the lift broke down, stranding Parliamentarian
Kışla, AK Party Mayor Emin Özgün, former CHP
Parliamentarian Yüksel Çorbacıoğlu, AK Party district
chief Erkan Balta and the other VIP's.

The problem took two hours to remedy, during which
time the stranded ski lift passengers had some scary
moments.  A few of the VIP's got so cold they couldn't
stand it and jumped, sustaining minor injuries. The
'heavy load' (i.e.overblown bureaucrats?) was announced
as the cause of the break-down.


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