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ATM Eats His Cash, Bank Says 'Tough Luck'

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(Sabah Newspaper, 5 June 2014)

'Paranın yarısı nerede' davası
Ravenous ATM, pitiless bankers.

In Erzurum, Abdulkadir Cobanoglu (34), a minimum-wage
worker and father, went to an ATM on Sunday, 9 March,
to deposit money against his credit card debt.  But when
he put 600 TL in the deposit slot the device stopped, leaving
half his money in the machine and half outside.

Cobanoglu called the bank's customer service number and
was told by personnel there to rip off the money and bring
it to the bank branch the next morning. There he would get
the other half that got stuck in the ATM, according to the
bank's personnel.

Cobanoglu did as he was told and brought the six halves
of 100 TL banknotes home with him. When he went to
the bank the next morning, however, he was met with an
unpleasant surprise.  The bank personnel said that the
other halves of the bills had not been found in the ATM.
Cobanoglu then went straight to the prosecutor  and filed
a criminal complaint.

Security video of the incident confirmed Cobanoglu's story.
Nevertheless, bank personnel persisted in claiming that the
other halves of the money had not been found in the ATM.
Two month after an investigation began the prosecutor
dropped the case for lack of evidence. Cobanoglu objected
to this decision but his objection was rejected.

Cobanoglu, however, remains undaunted: "I won't let this
rest. I'll file a suit against the bank and its personnel. They
found the torn money and threw it away. Then they said
'no, we didn't see any money.'  Well, where's the other
half of my money?  It disappeared into thin air apparently.
The prosecutor could have asked for the tapes of my
conversation I had with the bank personnel but he didn't
request it. I wish I had put the money in the opposite way.
Then I could have at least saved some of the money by
putting the halves I still have in my hand together."

Cobanoglu has also learned that tearing money is a crime.
To this he said "it's a good thing I didn't do it on purpose.
Otherwise  I'd be the one being tried."

           Erzurum province

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