2 Haziran 2014 Pazartesi

Batman's Spiderman; Samsun's Underdog

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(Sabah Newspaper, 2 June 2014)

Aynı anda iki akrep soktu
Scorpions double-team Orhan bey.

In Batman, two scorpions bit Orhan Surgut simultaneously as
he lay on his couch at home. According to information, the
incident occurred in Yesilova village of Batman's Besiri district.
After being bitten Surgut became ill and was taken to Regional
State Hospital by his relatives. Surgut was taken under
observation in the emergency room. He stated that scorpion and
snake bites are prevalent in the villages.

Batman, where spiders are making inroads.


turkce links to related Turkish article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 1 June 2014)

Ali I. on a dog-day afternoon in Ilkadim.

In Zeytinlik hamlet of Samsun's Ilkadim district, the night
before last Mehmet Meydan's (41) dog was barking on his roof,
disturbing neighbor Umit I (41).  The two neighbors argued about
the dog and the clash spread into the street, drawing in Umit's
father Ali I. (63) and his son S.I. (14).  During the fight, Meydan
and Umit I. were stabbed and Meydan, after being taken to the
hospital, could not be saved. Umit I.'s treatment is continuing.
Both S.I. and Ali I. were taken to court and arrested.

                 Samsun province.

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