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Caucasus Romance in Bursa: No Happy Ending

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 13 June 2014)

       They're having a Cecen-style intervention.

A romance began in Bursa between Laura Kehursayev
(24), the daughter of Cecen commander Sultan  Kehursayev,
who lives in Istanbul, and Vetan Mavludov (33), an Ahiska
Turk. However, when Laura's older sister Latmira
Kehursayev, who also lives in Istanbul, learned of Laura's
affair with the married Mavludov she insisted that the
relationship come to an end.

After an argument about the matter, an enraged Latmira
went with eight relatives to Panayir hamlet in Osmangazi
district, Bursa. There they were confronted by Mavludov
and two Turks, Murat D. (35) and Mahmut E. (36). In the
ensuing clash Mavludov died from four stab wounds and
Murat D. was wounded.

The suspects then fled, abandoning one of their vehicles
in Gemlik. Another car was stopped by police in Izmit and
three Georgian Cechens were taken into custody. Six more
individuals are being sought by police in connection with
the incident, including Cecen commander Kehursayev's
older daughter Latmira.

         Bursa province

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